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*NEW Covid-19 protocols for Mitchell Gymnastics Club 2021

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I have had a few inquiries about the SECOND session of gymnastics.  As we are in an orange zone right now, and not sure how things are going to progress – we have discussed this at great lengths.  We wanted to update you with the Mitchell Gymnastics next couple of sessions going forward.

  • We are going to do a SECOND session for sure as long as we stay in an orange zone or lower.  If we go into a red, between now and the end of this session – we will readjust all our dates, as we would continue this session in the new year.  As long as we are out of the red before we start the second session we will be proceeding, if we remain in the red zone we will postpone the second session and readjust all our dates.
  • We have changed our dates slightly for the start of the second session.  Due to the Christmas and New Year holiday season, and people possibly meeting with extended family or travelling – we want to make sure we have allowed for an additional 14 days from return of the holiday vacation break just in case, and have decided that the Second Session of Gymnastics will commence:  THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 1, 2021 and will be a 10 week session to April 17, 2021.
  • Those students that are presently in the first session have the first right of returning to the Second session and keeping their spot (new dates of February 1, 2021) and will receive the $25.00 pre-registration discount if we receive that payment and confirmation registration form at the club before December 5th, 2020. Fees will remain the same for this session as the first session.  Cheques to be post-dated to February 1, 2021.
  • Those that have already pre registered do not need to re-register as long as you included a post-dated payment with your first session registration, if not you will need to drop off at the club before December 5, 2020.  If you are registered for the first session no need to resign the Assumption of Risk form – just the registration form.
  • I will be doing those confirmation Second session classes based on present class lists next week and will send out what I currently have pre-registered.
  • If you have changed your mind and DO NOT want to return for the second session, please email me at as soon as possible.
  • Once I have confirmed all current returning class gymnasts, I will open up any spots available to our wait list of gymnasts.
  • We have also decided to do a THIRD SESSION this year in lieu of the yearend show and mini session.  It will be a 10 week session as well from April 19 to June 26, 2021.
  • Those in the Second session will have first option for registering for the Third session.  We will NOT be offering a $25.00 discount for the third session however.  Multi child per family discount will be offered.  Registration form with post-dated cheque for April 19, 2021.  Please register for this session as soon as you can so we can open up to new gymnasts as well.
  • I am enclosing the registration forms for these two sessions — you need to fill them in and drop at the club –  please be sure to include your payment and place in an envelope if possible so they do not get misplaced and hand in at our next child’s class.
  • We have quite a few people on the waiting list so will ask that you confirm as soon as possible your intentions – because as you know our class sizes are small and we do not want to have empty spots if there is a child that wanted to take gymnastics.

As you know I try to answer emails as soon as I can, and usually assign one day (Fridays) per week to do so, however, please be sure to email me again if I have not responded within that time frame.  I post registrations as per the date of the email, and sorry will not be able to take registrations verbally or by phone – so be sure to get those forms in with payment.

At this time we want to thank our members, their parents for all your co-operation and working with the new protocols – this session has been the easiest for us from a business stand point for handling classes and the new protocols and we want to thank you from the bottom or our hearts for understanding and working with us to make it easy in a difficult time !!

A special thank you to our incredible staff who have embraced this crazy new way of doing business with ease and grace and total co-operation and commitment – we are so blessed to have such great young people in our community who embrace your children each week with social distancing open arms.

Any questions please let me know, if dropping at my house, remember I have moved to 20 Upper Thames Lane corner of Upper Thames Lane and FRANK St. in Mitchell if dropping them off.

Thanks again everyone, take care and stay safe, Jen and Michelle

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